Thanh Cong



Date 04/01/2022

On January 4, 2022, Thanh Cong Textile Garment Investment Trade JSC held the New Year Kick-off Ceremony with the participation of the company’s leaders, managers, the representatives of departments and employees.

Opening of the ceremony, Mr. Tran Nhu Tung – Deputy General Director said Happy New Year greetings to all leaders and employees of the Company as well as shared the situation of Vietnam and Global Textile and Garment industry in the year 2021 and 2022 forecast. In which, emphasizing ESG factors on Environment – Society – Governance along with digital transformation are key guidelines for businesses to develop sustainably in the future. In the sharing of the Deputy General Director, he also pointed out 3 keywords “Creativity – Speed – Linkage” for businesses to overcome the Covid epidemic crisis period, and also mentioned the term VUCA in the business environment and 5 basic competencies to survive in VUCA society. One of the five key competencies is the capacity to be happy and connect with others.

Following the program, Mr. Kevin Lee – Chief Strategy Officer reviewed the business results over the past 10 years (2010 – 2020) and together looked back the business results of the Yarn – Fabric – Garment product segments and teams in 2021, at the same time, he also shared the business plan for 2022 and a vision of the Company until 2025. To achieve the business results set out in 2022 in the context of Covid epidemic still complicated, the Company needs to be agile & proactive with rolling plan to quickly adapt to the actual situation. The action plan in 2022 will be to talent acquisition, develop leaderships through Business Process Re-engineering, improve internal processes and focus on Environmental – Social – Governance factors to bring about sustainable values for stakeholders, and at the same time build action programs and plans to prevent and quickly adapt to the Covid epidemic based on the ” promises with our customers” and ” safe and healthy for employees” by the best ways.

At the ceremony, Mr. Jung Sung Kwan – General Director gave the speech of thanks and gratitude to all leaders and employees of the Company for overcoming the difficult and changing year 2021. The General Director stated 4 highlight points for 2022 including: promoting the ability and powerful capacity of the collective of leaders and employees; focusing on core competencies to adapt to work and business production activities; improving competitiveness through production capacity, material prices, input cost reduction; expanding and attracting potential customers; at the same time expanding the scale of Thanh Cong Vinh Long factory project with high standards to meet the increasing requirements of customers. On the occasion of New Year, the General Director wishes the Company’s employees and their families have a very healthy and peaceful 2022 New Year and we together strive to achieve good results in 2022 as well as build Thanh Cong becomes the sustainable development company in the coming time.

At the ceremony, the Company recognized and decided to promote 10 employees with outstanding achievements and contributions to the Company’s development over the years.

In the past year 2021, despite the complicated and prolonged Covid epidemic situation, affecting so much to production and business activities of the Company, the Company has not stopped making efforts and uphold implementing CSR programs, contributing to the development of the social community. Before the end of the ceremony, the Company’s leaders and employees together looked back on the series of CSR activities in 2021 through the CSR video shown at the ceremony and on this occasion, the Company also commended volunteers who have had the contribution and actively participated in CSR activities for the community of the Company in the past year 2021.

Mr. Tran Nhu Tung – Deputy General Director presents at the ceremony

Mr. Kevin Lee – Chief Strategy Officer presents at the ceremony

Mr. Jung Sung Kwan – General Director gives speech and promotion at the ceremony

The leaders give promotion at the ceremony

The leaders give gifts to the CSR volunteers