Thanh Cong

Company history

Endeavour to survive

+ Government took over and renamed Thanh Cong Textile Factory, which belonged to Textile Union – Ministry of Light Industry.

+ Go through the difficult time in taking over the factory and maintain production and business activities.

Go ahead on innovation

+ Successfully proposed and implemented the “Triangle Export“ model. As one of the first units to test the production and business model associated with the market, Thanh Cong had made important contribution in the renewing process of the enterprise management mechanism and the country’s economy.

+ Create a breakthrough when the company equipped modern machines by itself not passively waiting from the Government.

Invest to develop

  • + 1991: Change name to Thanh Cong Textile Company.
  • + 1992: Takeover Khanh Hoi spinning firm, invest and replace all the old equipment by new & modern ones.
  • + 1986 – 1996: Invest about 55 Million USD to increase productivity and improve product quality. Start exporting to many countries in the world, especially to Europe market.
  • + 1997 – 2000: Carry out comprehensive reform Human Resources, working style, sales & marketing as well as cost controlling.
  • + 2000 – 2006: Expand the factory premises to Tan Binh Industrial Park, invest in expanding the Garment industry, boosting exports to the US market.

Equitization to integrate

+ 2006: Equitize & change the company’s name into Thanh Cong Textile & Garment JSC, then to Thanh Cong Textile  Garment Investment Trading JSC and listed on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) coded TCM.

+ 2009: Issue stocks for the foreign strategy partner–Eland Asian Holdings (Singapore) under Eland Group in Korea then  directly joined  in management of the Company.

Be come to global


+ Achieve sales USD 100 Million.

+ Expand export market to Korean and increase FOB orders.

+ Build the knitting factory No.3 at Nhi Xuan Industrial Park.

+ Apply the modern management tools to improve production and business efficiency such as ERP, BSC, KPI, LEAN.

+ Cooperate with Korea Textile Inspection & Testing Institute (KOTITI)

2015 ~2020

+ Achieve sales USD 155 Million.

+ Build Thanh Cong Vinh Long factory – Stage 1.

+ Establish R&BD center.

+ Invest to acquire Trang Bang sewing factory.

Overcome Covid pandemic difficult period and promote sustainable development activities


+ Achieve sales USD 185 Million.

+ Build Thanh Cong Vinh Long Garment factory – 2nd stage.

+ Install rooftop solar power systems at Thanh Cong Vinh Long garment factories to apply green energy sources contributes to greening the textile garment industry.

+ Apply Kaizen projects in production.

+ Build and gradually apply new generation ERP tools specialized in fashion textiles and garments to production and business​.

+ Certificate of Merit from the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, a typical example of overcoming difficulties and recovering business after the Covid-19 pandemic.

+ Promote green R&D products & sustainable development activities​.

+ Outstanding Enterprise Award in Ho Chi Minh City.

+ Ho Chi Minh City Green business.

+ ESG Award – Circular Economy Category.

+ Top 50 listed companies with the best business performance.

+ Gold brand in Ho Chi Minh City.

+ Outstanding Business Award in Ho Chi Minh City on Innovation – Creativity – Shine.