Thanh Cong

CSR Policy

We are known for ThanhCong name as the company’s large mission: to bring success to everyone, including customers, partners, employees, personnel and community. We are only really Success when you are satisfied with the products, services and activities of our company ThanhCong defined and disseminated main missions to all employees for implementation
Lee Eun Hong, General Director


→ Customer who are benefited by our product and service.

→ Invectors who trust in our integrity and knowledge for their financial gain.

→ Employees who become more confident in their lives through the meaningful contribution.

→ Suppliers who are satisfied with our fair and transparent deal.



→ With spirit oriented to community, slogan of TCG “For Your Success” with important word is YOUR, identifying that company works for benefit of people, aware deeply of the importance of protecting the environment and community.

→ ThanhCong provides various working oppertunities for thousands people through recruitment programes. 

→ We are one of 50 best recruitment enterprises in Vietnam.



→ ThanhCong is a believable company in Textile Garment Field.

→ With the certificate of Quality Control System according to ISO 9001:2000 Standard and Social Responsibility System according SA 8000:2001; we are one companies which creates a good working environment with industrial manner. 

→ Ceaselessly developing Human resources also one of our policy to built the background of Thanh Cong.

→ ThanhCong built the clinic that take-care the health for more than 4.600 employees.



Thanh Cong towards a image of company-friendly environment. We respect, consider and commit to control strictly the production process to not violate the standards of environmental

TCG has invested in wastewater treatment systems with the approval of Industry Ministry, the total investment value is up to VND 30 billions, design and install by Seen JSC. Quality of output wastewater achieves by TCVN: 5945-1995 and TCVN 5984 -2001. In addition, all of our incinerators also have equipped with smoke treatment system


→ Along with development of production, Thanh Cong still continues to implement measures to over come the bad impact to the environment that caused by this industry. In the long term, we have plan for relocation factories to industrial parks that is permitted for Dyeing industry, does not affect to the around residential. Visual, we continuously have the upgraded wastewater and smoke treatment system project that can achieve stability and better results

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→ Thanh Cong Textile Garment – Investment – Trading Joint Stock Company commits to provide products, services meets requirements and expectations of quality and value of life better for everyone.

→ We commit to:

  • • Comply with The Competition Law
  • • Do not attend or support the acts of restrictive and unfair competition.
  • • Do not attend or support the acts that contrary to business ethics standards, which injure or maybe injure to State’s interests, lawful rights and interests of other businesses or consumers.


→ Thanh Cong Textile Garment Investment Trading JSC always awares of the importance of environment to life and future of humanity. Our activities/ products or services not only ensure a good quality but also have obligations to protect environment.

→ To achieve these purposes, we commit to implement:

  • • Comply with the requirements of Law and other requirements related to the environment impacts of the company.
  • • Strengthen to control and manage issues related to the environment to prevent pollution, minimize significant impacts on the environment through measures:

    • º Optimize using of energy and water;
    • º Treat waste and wastewater;
    • º Save natural resources;
  • • Develop the spirit of using environmental friendly products, encourage all workers to reuse in production processes.
  • • Enhance awareness for all workers through environment protection knowledge trainning programes.
  • • This policy will be informed all members of company to understand and have responsibility to protect environment.