Thanh Cong

Our Brand

No. 1 Fashion Group in Korea The E-LAND Group originally started as a fashion company.

While the Group currently encompasses a multitude of businesses, it is still very actively involved in its fashion business. Fashion business is the cornerstone of the E-LAND Group. It is ranked as the Korea’s No. 1 largest fashion company by revenues for two consecutive years.

The Group’s fashion business specializes in casual wear, women’s and children’s apparel, and to a lesser extent, accessories, innerwear and footwear. The Group has a brand portfolio of 60 national brands and 40 private brands. The Group’s brands include Ellesse, New Balance, Berghaus, Teenie Weenie and Marie Claire among others.

TCM trademark is officially registered for exclusive protection by Thanh Cong Group.

Focusing on materials along with minimalist design style.

Not only maintain “Spandex Crocodile” material, but also TCM co-operate with RBD department develop application of new functional materials, suitable for each style, and environmentally friendly.

Commitment to customer the most natural confidence.”