Thanh Cong



Date 11/8/2020

1. Highlight financial performance

Performance of the Company on July 2020, the revenue is $ 14,873,168, net profit is $ 1,270,744. Until July 2020, accumulated revenue is $ 88,139,976 achieved 91% compared to the target and 97% compared to the same last period, accumulated net profit is $ 5,995,385 achieved about 122% compared to the target and 99% compared to the same last period.

2. CSR activity

In last years, the Miracle 10,000 VND program under the voluntary donation of the company employees aims to help workers and employees who have difficult circumstances with serious illness, accidents and fatal diseases. The program has spread and received a warm response of the company employees. In July, 10,000 VND Miracle Fund supported 26 million VND for the sewing worker to surgery at Cho Ray hospital and supported 37 million VND to the yarn worker has difficult circumstances and on kidney treatment. Hopefully, this program is the miracle to help the poor and sick workers overcome difficulties in life.