Thanh Cong



Thanh Cong New Mission and Vision Declaration Ceremony that took place on January 30, 2024 opened a new chapter for the company, as a commitment to better and more stable development.

In the opening speech, Mr. Song Jae Ho, COO, helped us all look back at Thanh Cong’s nearly 50-year history of formation and development. From a small factory, through important milestones, Thanh Cong has now become a familiar and reputable name in the textile industry, thanks to the efforts of all employees over the years.  

However, if we are all satisfied with our current position, if we do not accept challenges and changes, then in about 10 years, by 2030, perhaps we can’t survive and keep our reputation anymore. That’s why we need a new vision, to decide what we need to change and what direction we need to take.

That’s why Mr. Song introduced the keyword “Business Transformation”. We need to innovate. We will be stronger, and at the same time we will transform our business into another area where we are competitive. That’s the transformation.

An easy-to-understand example of transformation is the robot character Optimus Prime in the movie Transformers. Optimus has two forms, a truck, and after transformation becomes a mighty robot, able to fight against enemies. Thanh Cong also needs a similar transformation. From 1976 until now, our development is like the Optimus, initially a small car, then becoming a larger car, finally we have the current shape. But if we keep this shape, without continuing to transform, we will not be strong enough to fight competitors in the market.

And let’s compare the two forms of Optimus: robot and a truck. we can see the difference in appearance, but inside they are identical in core values, in engines, in speed. So let’s keep the same speed, our core values, but transform into a car or a robot in case necessary to adapt to changes in the external environment. So remember the three words “Business Transformation Success” or BTS.

Thanh Cong’s transformation starts with the following 3 new things:
1. New uniforms: In a survey sent to employees, TC received many feedback that the old uniforms were no longer suitable in terms of style, color, material… Therefore, we will have a new uniform model with colors based on Thanh Cong’s brand identity, with designs more suitable for current trends.
2. The company organized the contest “Who is our name?” to find a common name for all employees, to signify that we are a big family, working and developing together. The chosen name is Nguoi Thanh Cong (NTC). Thanh Cong in English means Success. Nguoi Thanh Cong is Successful People. The name represents pride in being part of Thanh Cong, with confidence in ourselves, the company and the future that we will become truly successful people.
3. Winning Lounge: The ground floor of the office building will be redesigned into an integrated area including meeting rooms, pantry, and lounge with tables and chairs for employees to use, rest, and meet guests, helping to make working time at the company more effective and happier.

Before ending his speech, Mr. Song reminds us all that everything we have depends on our choices. Competitors are changing every day, the market and customers are constantly changing. Therefore, we can choose to stop, be afraid, or we can choose to move forward, accepting challenges to reach new heights. And believe that Thanh Cong has made the right choice, when all participating staff and employees are unanimously ready and determined to win.

The Vision OJM program on January 12, 2024 was mentioned, sharing the efforts of more than 40 leaders and representatives of departments at Thanh Cong to think together and build new directions of our company. As a result, in this day’s ceremony, we announced a new vision and mission until 2030 as follows:

Eland Southeast Asia:
– Vision: Asia’s No.1 Fashion, Lifestyle Company, Beloved by All people.
– Mission:
       + Spreading the value of life everywhere with quality products and great shopping experiences.
      + A place where employees grow up, investors add value, and good partner with suppliers to create value contribute to society.

Thanh Cong:
– Vision: By 2030, Top 1 Vietnam ODM textile & garment manufacturer with Digital transformation
– Mission: Creating exceptional value,  a place where employees grow up, investors add value, and good partner with suppliers to create value contribute to society

Joining in the exciting and enthusiastic atmosphere, Sales, Production, Savimex, De Closet and Moho also shared their vision and showed their determination to achieve their goals.

Continuing the program, the special guest of the ceremony was Vice Chairman of Eland, Mr. Choi Hyeong Wook, who shared extremely sincere and meaningful speech with all officers and employees of Thanh Cong.

Mr. Choi has visited our company many times and highly appreciates the efforts of the leaders and employees who have contributed to the development of Thanh Cong until today. Eland Group is rejuvenating its human resources structure, and Mr. Choi hopes that the previous generations will be willing to support and guide new leaders in the future.

And we need to pay attention to 02 core contents:
– Why should we care about vision?
– How to plan and implement the vision?

With the first question, why should we care about vision? Vision represents dreams and things in the future. They are what make humans different from other animals, and each person’s dreams make us different from others.

Mr. Choi has worked at Eland for 30 years. Initially, the company was small and the salary was not high, but Mr. Choi decided to stick with the company because he saw Eland’s great vision. For example, to satisfy all classes’ needs for food, clothing, and accommodation, the company has expanded its business to F&B, real estate, resort – hotel; expanding markets in Korea, China, and Vietnam; expanding to serve all popular classes, middle class, and upper class with many brands and many different segments. If a company operates in a normal model, like everyone else, there will be no outstanding developments. We need differences and optimal ways of doing things that competitors cannot keep up with.

To have a good vision, it is necessary to survey to research customer needs. We need to adapt to the flow of the times to meet the essential needs of customers. Of course, when building a business model, in the beginning there will be many difficulties, but overcoming these challenges, we will develop well. Dream big dreams. Because that is the beginning of great successes.

As for the second question, how to turn the vision into reality. You may be wrong if you think that the bigger the vision, the greater the success. The important thing is that we know how to plan, dare to think, dare to do.

Most people think that If the product is good, the price must be high, this makes it impossible for many customers to access high quality products. Therefore, if we increase our opportunities to reach more customers, we can turn the game to win our competitors. That’s how Eland has seized the opportunity and thrived today. Please survey to find out and develop the following criteria: (1) Price; (2) Product; (3) Place; (4) Promotion.

From these things, Eland is ready to support knowledge and technology transfer to help Thanh Cong and Savimex achieve their vision of becoming leading companies in the region in the next 10 to 15 years. And Eland is also gradually penetrating the Vietnamese market by bringing brands here, as well as planning to bring in a support staff to develop the F&B segment for Vietnam, because the cuisine here is truly great. excellent and has potential for good development.

At the end of the program, Mr. Choi hopes that everyone will sail the Thanh Cong ship out to sea, and that the young generation will join hands to help Thanh Cong and Savimex become leaders in their fields.