Thanh Cong



Date 21/02/2019

1. Highlight financial performance

Performance of the Mother company on January 2019, the revenue achieved $ 17.8 Million, net profit achieved about $ 1.1 Million. The result in January, revenue achieved 116% compared the target and increased 31% compared the same last period thanks to garment increased 40%, net income achieved 140% compared the target and increased 37.5% compared the same last period.

2. CSR activity

On January 2019, the Company implemented some CSR activities. Besides gives monthly scholarships to Thanh Cong students, the Company visited, gave presents monthly for three orphans and the poor family of Tây Thanh ward. On this month, the Company organizes weekly “Happy Mart” program to sell necessity to workers of the factories. On Tet occasion, the Company organized the auction program to sell Tet presents aimed to raise charity fund, served for CSR activity.

3. Other activity

On this month, the Company organized the New Year Opening Ceremony aimed to report the business performance of 2018 and business plan 2019. On this occasion, the Company promoted to 55 employees who have good performance and contributed to the development of the Company during last years as well as commended the volunteers for their enthusiasm contributions and participation to community CSR activities in the past year.

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