Thanh Cong



1. Highlight financial performance

Performance of the company on June and first half 2018 achieved good result, the revenue of June achieved about $ 12,221,668 and gross profit margin achieved about 18%. The result 1st half 2018, revenue has achieved about $69.404 million to be equal 103% compared the target, and net income was about $4.590 million that achieved about 115% compared the target.

2. CSR activity

On June 2018, the company implemented many CSR activities. Besides gives monthly scholarships to Thanh Cong’s students, Thanh Cong Company visited and gave monthly presents to Thien An, Son Ky and Huynh De Nhu Nghia orphans and the poor family of Tay Thanh ward. On this month, the company donated 13 insurance cards to Son Ky orphan and organizes weekly “Happy Mart” program to sell necessity to workers of the factories.