Thanh Cong



1. Highlight financial performance

The performance of the company in August and 8 months of 2013 has got the good result. In August, revenue achieved about USD 10,573,000 increased 17% compare to the target and net income achieved about USD 560,000 increased 68% compare to the target. The accumulated revenue of 8 months is about USD 77,000,000 and accumulated net income is about USD 3,850,000.

2. Investment

Aim to increase capacity and improve dying product quality to meet increasing order demand as well as prepare for catching the chances from TPP. On August and September 2013, Thanh Cong has been invested and come to operation the dying, washing and knit fabric grinder machines… with the invested amount total about USD 1.1 Mil. Currently, the company plans to invest more machines and equipments in next period aim to reduce outsourcing orders outside, save cost and control best stably product quality.

3. Management

Thanh Cong has been applying the ERP system as the useful management tool. At present, the company has used it in most departments such as accounting, warehouse, knitting, dying and it has being implemented for sewing, weaving and train manpower. Estimated, this ERP software will be completed within next year.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility activities

The CSR is implemented monthly as activities that connect closely to the sustainable development of the company. As regularly, on September, the company has visited and donated the cash, rice, bikes, clothes and necessaries for children of orphanages Thien Duyen – Cu Chi, Son Ky – District 12 and Thien An – Tan Phu District. Inside the company, from E.Land Charity Fund, the company also supported VND 22 Million for the sewing worker to make heart operation.