Thanh Cong



Thanh Cong Group made an agreement of Technical Cooperation with KOTITI (Korea Textile Inspection & Testing Institute) to develop the product and technology that customers need through value creation, and the textile industry in global wide based on mutual benefit as of June 25, 2010.

KOTITI is Korean government’s authorized inspection & testing organization and a leading textile institution in Korea. They have more than 30 registered patents related to textile fiber and textile production process.

According to Mr. Lee Myung Hak, General Director of KOTITI, this agreement will be very good opportunity to increase mutual business capability through commercialization of new technologies and make ‘Win-Win’ relationship for each other. In other words, KOTITI will develop their differentiated technologies as that of market-friendly, and Thanh Cong Group will use those commercialized technologies to develop their new product for customers all over the world.