Thanh Cong



1. Highlight financial performance

Performance on April achieved very good result. The revenue achieved about $ 10,385,000 and its accumulated revenue achieved $ 39.9 Mil; net income achieved about $ 800,682 accumulated profit achieved about $ 2.5 Mil.

2. Investment activity

The company just established the subsidiary to implement the investment project at Hoa Phu IP, Vinh Long province.

3. Operation activity

On 18th April, the company organized Project Tree Feedback Day to review the performance of Q1/2014 and make plan for next quarters.

Organize “ERP Got Talent” Contest in order to identify matters of Company needed improved as well as suggests solutions aim to maximize efficiency of ERP system and improve the company’s performance.

4. PR/IR activity

On 21st April, 30 delegations of Japanese Teijin Company visited and had the meeting with representative of the company. The purposes of this visiting aims to research the company’s working environment, chances and challenges of the company from Trans-Pacific Partnership(TTP), the company’s domestic market development strategy as all as export ratio to Japanese market and hope to be partner of Thanh Cong in the future.

5. CSR activity

On April and early of May, the company has implemented many CSR activities. As usual, every month, the company gives the monthly scholarship to the weaving worker’s daughter, coordinates with Dail Community to organize “Loving meal” program for more than 120 poor people at Binh Hung Hoa ward, Binh Tan district. Beside that, the company also donated insurance cards for the poor of Binh Hung Hoa ward – neighbor of Thanh Cong. In addition, the company also visits and gives gifts, necessities for Son Ky orphanages, give cash and make clean house for Thien An orphanage and give milk and necessity for the difficult family at Tay Thanh ward. On holidays 30th April and Labor International Day 1st May, the company also delivered milk and cakes for the company’s dormitory workers. The company and Union Trade has organized to visit funeral of Hero Viet Nam Mother who the company look after during last years in Binh Thuan province.