Thanh Cong



Date 07/9/2020

1. Highlight financial performance

Performance of the Company on August 2020, the revenue is $ 13,718,342, net profit is $ 1,055,702 higher than 41% compared with the same last August 2019. Until August 2020, accumulated revenue is $ 101,858,318 achieved 63% the target of 2020 and 96% compared to the same last period, accumulated net profit is $ 7,051,087 achieved about 88% compared to the target of 2020 and 103% compared to the same last period.

2. Other activities

On the company 44th anniversary, Mr. Tran Nhu Tung – Deputy General Director, on behalf of the company leaders, sent the letter to all employees, instead of the most sincere thanks to generations of leaders and whole staffs who have constantly strived and tried to overcome all difficulties and challenges, step by step steadily built and developed Thanh Cong to become one of the leading Textile and Garment companies in Vietnam textile and garment industry as today. Especially in 2020, both the world and Vietnam have been entering the war against the Covid 19 epidemic, the pandemic has severely affected the textile and garment industry of Vietnam in general and Thanh Cong in particular. Despite facing many difficulties and challenges, the Company has produced antimicrobial fabric products, masks, and medical protection with constant efforts and flexibility and rapid response compensating for the lack of orders, creating jobs and bringing in revenue and profits for the Company. This achievement is not accidental, but it is the preparation of the whole Thanh Cong over the years. As Professor Randy Pausch used to say in his last lecture book “Luck is actually the intersection of two lines called preparation and chance…” and yes, without word preparation years ago for new fabric product development through R&B Center, if there was no closed system of yarn, weaving, knitting, dyeing and sewing or the effort and coordination between Sales, Production and support of back office, because the delivery time is so fast, we may have missed orders for the antibacterial fabric to serve US customers. More than an ordinary order, not only with revenue, profit and employment for our employees, we are proud to have made a small contribution to protecting people health against the Covid-19 epidemic. Thanks to that, in the past 8 months, the Company has achieved encouraging results. During the recent Covid epidemic, when companies in the same industry were forced to reduce costs by reducing employees or cutting hours due to lack of orders, Thanh Cong Company still maintains jobs, revenues and stable income for all employees, none of us will be left behind. Thanks to that, Thanh Cong is highly appreciated by customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors.

Recently, TCM shares were voted Top 45 best listed companies in Vietnam and received many other prestigious awards. Through this, the Board of Directors of the Company highly appreciated the devoted dedication of the staff of the company to achieve these achievements.

This year, due to the Covid epidemic and compliance with the regulations of Ho Chi Minh City, the Company did not organize the Company Establishment Celebration. However, the Company still maintains social responsibility activities and welfare policies as every year on the occasion of the establishment of the Company. The ahead way is still full of difficulties and challenges from now to the end of 2020 and the following years. As the General Director shared, we are better than ordinary companies, but we just stop at the level of a good company, not a great company, so we need to work harder, be more creative, more proactive… to achieve great company. The Board of Directors believes that the day will not be far away, with enthusiasm, responsibility, determination, dedication and solidarity of all leaders and staff of the Company, together with the support of customers and partners, we will together bring Thanh Cong to strong development in the future.

On the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the establishment of the Company, on behalf of the Board of Directors, the Deputy General Director would like to thank and wish all staffs and their families healthy, happy and successful. We wish our company Thanh Cong growing stronger.

On the company 44th anniversary (16/8/1976 – 16/8/2019), the Company has carried out many CSR social activities for the community in localities where the Company has factories operating. On July 30, 2020, the Company visited and presented 10 gifts including necessities worth 300,000,000 VND and Thanh Cong T-shirts to disadvantaged households in Hoa Phu commune, Long Ho district, Vinh Long Province. At the same time, the Company donated VND 10 million necessities and 500 Thanh Cong T-shirts to the Social Work Center and the same time donated 500 Thanh Cong T-shirts to Vinh Long Provincial Fatherland Front Committee to carry out the provincial social work.

Continuing the program of celebrating the 44th anniversary of the founding of the Company (August 16, 1976 – August 16, 2020), although the Covid epidemic occurred, the Company has carried out many meaningful social responsibility activities. On August 14, 2020, Happy Mart program in cooperation with Hope Benefits launched a stable sales program with combo products are essentials for workers at the price 20% lower than the market price. The program is implemented under the support of E.Land Charity Foundation. Representatives of the company leaders, Mr. Song Jae Ung and Mr. Tran Nhu Tung – Deputy General Directors, Mr. Nguyen Huu Tuan, Chairman of the Company Trade Union and Ms. Nguyen Minh Hao – Chief Accountant also attended the program and gave products to the worker representatives. Happy Mart program is implemented weekly and received enthusiastic support and responses from the company workers and employees.

Over the last years, Thanh Cong Company has always accompanied and actively supported community activities of Tan Phu District. On the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the establishment of the Company, on August 18 and 19, 2020, the Company cooperated with the Vietnam Front Committee of Tan Phu District to organize the awarding of Nguyen Huu Tho scholarships and facilities to go to school for 154 students with difficult circumstances, study well in the school year 2020 -2021. This year, due to pandemic of Covid 19, the Committee of the Vietnam Front of Tan Phu District did not organize at the district People Committee as every year, but instead organized to give scholarships for the students in 11 wards of Tan Phu district. Attending the scholarship ceremony of each ward, there were leaders of the Vietnam Front Committee of Tan Phu district, leaders of the People Committees of the wards and the leader representatives of Thanh Cong Textile Investment and Trading JSC, the parents and students.

The scholarship award ceremony at the wards, there were attendence of Mrs. Phan Thi Hue – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, Mr. Tran Nhu Tung – Deputy General Director, Mr. Nguyen Huu Tuan – Party Secretary, Head of Human Resources Department gave a speeches to encourage and award scholarships including 22 bicycles and cash worth 100 million VND, this amount was extracted from the contributions of members of the Board of Directors and the Company presented 700 Thanh Cong T-shirts to the students with difficult circumstances, study well so that they can continue to go to school and have more belief in life to continue writting their dreams.

The Nguyen Huu Tho Scholarship Program is held every year on the occasion of the new school year and has become familiar to pupils and students in difficult circumstances. The program is a timely encouragement gift for them to continue their learning path and is a luggage to help them step into the threshold of life.