Thanh Cong



Date 12/02/2020

1. Highlight financial performance

Performance of the Parents company on January 2020, the revenue achieved $ 8,602,514 achieved 82% compared the target, net profit achieved about $ 411,039 net income has achieved 72% compared the target. Performance of January is not high due to 10 days off for Tet holidays. Moreover, 2019 Tet holidays fell on February of the calendar year while 2020Tet holidays fell on January of the calendar year. So the business results of January last year and this year were somewhat different.

2. CSR activity

On January 2020, the Company implemented a lot of CSR activities on Tet occasion. Besides giving monthly Thanh Cong scholarships to children of workers who have difficult, the Company visited, gave gifts for three orphans. On this month, the Company collaborated with the People Committee of Tay Thanh Ward to give 50 insurance cards and gifts, 500 Thanh T-shirts and 50 Tet gifts for poor families of Tay Thanh Ward. This is an annual activity held by the Company to support the local poor people aim to help them have better healthcare conditions and have a peaceful and warm new spring.

3. Other activity

On January 3, 2020, the Company organized the New Year Launch Ceremony with the participation of leaders and representatives of the Company employees. At the ceremony, Mr. Lee Eun Hong – General Director gave business feedback 2019 and shared the strategy to achieve revenue 300 million USD in the next years. Mr. Tran Nhu Tung – Deputy General Director presented an overview of the situation of Vietnam Textile and Garment industry and the global market. Mr. Song Jae Ung – Deputy General Director shared the product research & development strategy of the company. The representatives of the sales and production departments reported their business and production plans in 2020. On this occasion, the Company also organized promotion for employees who had outstanding achievements and contributed to the Company development over the years. Besides efforts for production and business activities, the Company also constantly implemented CSR programs to contribute to the development of social communities. At the ceremony, the attendees looked back on CSR activities in 2019 through CSR videos shown and on this occasion, the Company also commended the volunteers for their contribution and active participation in the CSR activities for the community in 2019.