Thanh Cong



(16/8/1976 –16/8/2022)

For many years, besides the goal of promoting production and business activities, Thanh Cong Company has always focused on CSR program for the community and considers it as an activity associated with the sustainable development of the Company. On the occasion of the 46th anniversary of establishment, the Company and the Company’s Trade Union have organized many meaningful CSR activities.

On August 19, 2022, the Company held the ceremony to award “Thanh Cong Scholarship” to 51 poor students who overcame difficulties with good academic achievements and rewarded 138 pupils who are children of the Company’s officials, employees and leaders on the occasion of the new school year 2022-2023. Although during the Covid epidemic in recent years, the Company always cares and timely encourages the children to maintain good study. Total amount awarded “Thanh Cong Scholarship” for 3 years (2020 -2022) with a total amount of VND 611,600,000. In which, the amount of the scholarship award in 2022 is VND 207,200,000 which is extracted from the “Thanh Cong Scholarship Fund” contributed by the Company and employees.

Attending the scholarship award ceremony, there are Mr. Jung Sung Kwan – General Director of the Company, Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Chau – Chairman of the Company’s Trade Union, the representatives of the Company’s leaders and Trade Union, parents, students and especially attended by the leaders of the Vietnam Textile Garment Union.

At the scholarship award ceremony – Mr. Jung Sung Kwan – General Director of the Company gives the speech, praising, encouraging and guiding the children to live with dreams, ambitions, positive thoughts and actions. Not only should strive to study to become good children and good students, but children should also put yourselves in certain roles and how will you act to contribute, share with the community and be good citizens for the families, society and contribute to develop the country.

Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Chau – Chairwoman of the Company’s Trade Union reported on the charity activities and social responsibility through activities of taking care of poor people, taking care of disadvantaged children at the orphans and especially taking care of employees and donating scholarships and rewards for students who are children of employees of the Company who have difficult circumstances, overcome difficulties and students with outstanding study achievements in recent years.

At the scholarship awarding ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy – Vice President of the Vietnam Textile and Garment Union gives the speech, highly appreciating the attention and care of the Company’s leaders and the Trade Union, especially the program of awarding scholarships to disadvantaged and studious students on the occasion of the new school year. On this occasion, she also encouraged and reminded the children not to be complacent with their learning results, but to always keep learning and improving knowledge and morality so that today they become a better version than yesterday.

On behalf of students who received scholarships and awards, she gives the grateful speech to express thanks to the Company’s Board of Directors and Trade Union for always caring, encouraging and awarding scholarships to them. They promise to try, constantly make efforts in studying and practicing morality and character to become good children and students and become useful people for society and the country.

The “Thanh Cong Scholarship” awarding program is held annually on the occasion of the new school year and has become familiar to students with difficult circumstances and good grades. The program is a bridge to encourage for students to continue their studies and pursue their dreams. The horizon of knowledge and the future is always wide open to welcome you, let’s live with the desire to reach high, fly as far as a bird without fatigue in the journey to the threshold of life.