Thanh Cong



(16/8/1976 –16/8/2022)

On the 46th anniversary of its establishment, the Company has carried out a series of CSR activities to support t Company employees at factories through the “Happy Mart” program to sell non-profit goods give gifts and organized the interesting games, as well as gives souvenir gifts to all employees of the Company.

Also on this occasion, the Company organized to give 20 wheelchairs to the disabled, at the same time gave 10 gifts to poor and near-poor households in Vinh Long province, and donated 500 Thanh Cong T-shirts to the Honorable Fathers Committee of Vinh Long province and donated 10 million necessities and 500 TC T-shirts to Vinh Long Provincial Social Work Center.

The company gives gifts and monthly allowances to Son Ky orphan in District 12, Huynh De Nhu Nghia orphan in Binh Tan District and Son Ky orphan in Tan Phu District and gives gifts and cash to 5 poor and elderly, lonely households of Tay Thanh ward.

In August 2022, the Company also donated bicycles and backpacks to school for disadvantaged students and 50 gifts are necessities for the poor people in Khanh Son district, Khanh Hoa province.

On the Company establishment 46th anniversary, Thanh Cong Company has organized many meaningful CSR activities, including a humanitarian blood donation program called “HAPPY PINK DAY” held on August 8, 2022 with the cooperation between the Company and HCM City Red Cross Association. Every year, the program has attracted many officials and volunteers to participate. This program is implemented for the purpose of realizing the Company’s social responsibility (CSR) to the community and raising the awareness of “Volunteer for the community” of employees in the Company, contributing to the implementation of the Company’s motto: “One drop of blood saves one person” proposed by the City Red Cross Association. Voluntary gifts of 316 workers and employees of Thanh Cong come from loving hearts, warm gifts of humanity. Voluntary blood donation is the happiness of being given love, giving is forever. It is the message is conveyed humanity through the image of a red drop of love that the Company’s Trade Union has connected to send wishes through social activities for the community, for kindness, share love with a charitable hearts.

Sincerely send big thanks all for the sharing and loving full hearts of the volunteers and the Organizing Committee.