Thanh Cong



Thanh Cong Company donates VND 100 million to the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee – Campaign Committee “For the Poor” of Tan Phu District at the launching ceremony of “The peak month of taking care of the poor” in 2021.

       On the morning of October 28, 2021, on the occasion of World Poverty Prevention and Control Day, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Tan Phu district held a launching ceremony for the “peak month of taking care of the poor” in 2021 with the theme ” Together for the community”.

     Attending the event, there were representatives of leaders of the People’s Committee of Tan Phu District, the Party Building Committee and other departments and unions of the district and representatives of the Front Work Committee, union members, members of neighborhoods and businesses, benefactors in the district have attended.

       2021 is a year full of difficulties and challenges, especially the year in which the whole country in general and Ho Chi Minh City and Tan Phu district in particular have just experienced a very difficult period of the Covid-19 pandemic. The rate of spread is very fast, causing great harm to people’s health and lives, seriously affecting the economy – society and all aspects of life. Many businesses, production and business locate in the district had to stop operating for a long time, workers lost their jobs and had no income; children who have lost a father or mother or lost both parents because of the Covid-19 epidemic, that is a great loss and pain that nothing can make up for.

       With the good tradition of the nation “Good leaves cover torn leaves”, at the ceremony, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Tan Phu district Nguyen Thi Chien launched a call for cadres, civil servants and officials of the agencies, units of the armed forces, businesses in the district actively participate in responding to support the Fund for the Poor in 2021, continuing to promote the spirit of “Mutual affection, support and help for the poor” orphans, disadvantaged people… have early stabilization conditions, overcome difficulties, rise up in life, contributing to the district’s more and more sustainable development. On behalf of the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the district, she would like to express her sincere and deepest thanks to the golden hearts and benefactors who have accompanied the locality to well implement the social security policy, taking care of the poor and disadvantaged people in the locality.

    At the launching ceremony, the “For the poor” campaign board of the district also received contributions from individuals, businesses, religious organizations, departments and wards in the area with the total amount is 4,139,000,000 VND to support the fund “For the poor”.

      As the enterprise locates in Tan Phu district, for many years, Thanh Cong Textile and Garment Investment Trading JSC has always accompanied the district to take care of the lives of poor and disadvantaged households in district area. Although the Company also encountered many difficulties during the Covid epidemic, but with the companionship and sharing, as well as responding to the joint activities “For the poor” of Tan Phu district. On this occasion, the Company also contributed VND 100,000,000 to the program of giving scholarships and bicycles to poor students in Tan Phu district. On behalf of the Company’s leaders, Mr. Nguyen Huu Tuan – HR Director – Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company attended and presented the donation amount. At the ceremony, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee – Tan Phu District also presented certificates of merit and letters of thanks to the enterprise.