Thanh Cong



“As our name- ThanhCong (successful) Our company’s it means successful). company s mission is to bring success to everyone included: customers, inverstors, suppliers, employees and community”- Board of directors of Thanh Cong JSC define that is biggest the target of company.

Follow this target, on development journey during three decades, ThanhCong has received “Vietnam Textile Enterprise with high Competitiveness”, “The Favorite Vietnamese Textile Trademark”…ThanhCong has also been voted as the excellent supplier “Operational Excellence” by JC Penney. In 2009, with the annual turnover of 1,126 billion VND, increased 10% compared to 2008; Profit after tax ( PAT) of 54.3 billion VND, this is the big effort in period of economic decline and so many company can’t find the orders.

Establish in 1976, with more than 30 years of experience, ThanhCong has many breakthroughs in the economic reform period, speed up export to become one of “trillion VND” textile and garment enterprises in Vietnam, with over 4,000 staff and workers. From experience of exporting to USA, EU, Japan…in several decades, prestige of ThanhCong has been constantly improved. In past years, TCM has developed new customers as Yeekey, Nurian…

Until this time, ThanhCong had orders FOB export in full capacity until May 2010, in which a large number of customer orders increased significantly until the end of June this year. In Spinning Factory 1 and Spinning Factory 3, production orders have increased approximately 150% – 180% over all years (PE fiber production capacity of Spinning Factory 1 of approximately 180 tons of yarn a month, OE yarn production capacity of Spinning Factory 3 of approximately400 tons per month).

Spinning Factory 4 is the largest spinning factory in ThanhCong, has just established in late 2009 with investments worth over 300 billion, equipped with modern machinery, pile design capacity of 60,000 fibers, production output 7.500 tons/year. So far, orders for the CD yarn at 450 tons/month got enough to last in March 2010; Visco yarn (300tons/month) has closed orders in February 2010.

Besides the traditional fields of business, Thanh Cong Fashion also dominate the domestic market with fashion brands TCM – For the dynamic customers. Until now, the TCM brand still pleasing to the customer’s system Coop Mart, Big C, Vinatex and consumers in fairs.

Promoting the strengths of traditional field, ThanhCong will invest in real estate to exploit Land source owned by ThanhCong.At the Annual General Meeting of shareholders in April 2009, aiming to implement business strategies, TCM has chosen E-Land – the number one group of fashion and retail in South Korea is co-operating to promote the successful experiences of E-Land which on both field of fashion & real estate in the Chinese market and has many similarities with Vietnam’s market..

One of the first project in the field of real estate have also been deployed since early 2010, ThanhCong has signed cooperation agreement with Commercial Real Estate Viet JSC (Vietcomreal) and Hong Phuc Company. This project take aim at developing land area of 7348m2 in District 4 HoChiMinh City- which owned by ThanhCong.

Base on the stable business, from traditional field such as: yarns, textiles, garments to potential field- Real estate, TCM believes that the business results in 2010 will reach targets turnover of 1291 billion VND, profit of 107 billion VND, ROIC 16%; stability coefficient 2.19; and 31% in growth.