Thanh Cong



Date 30/6/2023

On 30/6/2023, Thanh Cong Textile Garment – Investment – Trading JSC has held the Annual General Shareholders Meeting of 2022 at Hoa Su 2 – First Hotel Restaurant, 18 Hoang Viet, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of 33 shareholders, represented for 59,460,300 shares, accounted for 831.44% total shares of the Company. The Meeting has the high agreed rate nearly 100% affirmative votes and approved the following contents:

    1. Report on the Company’s performance in 2022 and business plan in 2022
    2. Report on activities of the Board of Directors in 2022
    3. Audited financial statements for 2022
    4. Report on the Audit Committee’s activities in 2022
    5. Report on the results of profit distribution in 2022; Adjustment of dividend in 2022 and profit distribution plan in 2023
    6. Report on remuneration of the Board of Directors and income of the Board of Directors in 2022
    7. Board remuneration plan in 2023
    8. Selection of auditor for financial statements in 2023
    9. Proposal to issue bonus shares and increase charter capital due to bonus shares issue
    10. Amendment of the Company’s Charter
    11. Amendment and adjustment of business lines
    12. Amendment of internal regulations on corporate governance
    13. Proposal for exemption from public tender
    14. Resolution No. 01/2023/NQ-ĐHCĐ
    15. Resolution No. 02/2023/NQ-ĐHCĐ
    16. Resolution No. 03/2023/NQ-ĐHCĐ
    17. Resolution No. 04/2023/NQ-ĐHCĐ

The General Shareholder Meeting ended at 10:45 am the same day with good successful results.


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