Thanh Cong


THANH CONG TEXTILE GARMENT INVESTMENT JSC IS HONORED TO BE IN THE LIST OF 100 MOST FAVORITE RECRUITERS IN VIETNAM IN 2017 BY CAREERBUILDER.VN. is owned by CareerBuilder USA – The world’s largest job and recruited network with more than 200 million registered users, with over 3,000,000 jobs posted by about 300,000 employers across the global. In Vietnam, is the choice of more than 14,000 leading companies. Annual Survey “Favorite Career Recruiters” launched by in 2013 is an independent, transparent and completely nonprofit project. The survey was conducted on a large scale and evaluated through selective criteria on nearly 200 enterprises in various business groups such as Banking – Finance, Retail / Wholesale, Engineering – Technology, Construction – Real Estate, Manufacturing, Fast consumer goods and many other sectors.

Online survey results in 2017 honored 100 enterprises have the policy to attract and retain talents are paid attention and most concerned in which has Thanh Cong Textile Garment Investment Trading JSC is the only company of the textile and garment industry in Vietnam is honored to be voted.

The results of the rankings were obtained from the comments of 13,859 respondents who are currently working in a range of industries and rankings as well as those who are seeking jobs. Besides honoring 100 businesses have policies to attract and retain talents are most interested in the past year, the survey “2017 Favorite recruiters” reflects many factors that influence the decision of the employee in attachment with their workplaces as well as trends and movements of the labor market in Vietnam.