Thanh Cong



Date 15/6/2020

On June 15, 2020, the Company holds the preliminary meeting to evaluate the performance in the first 5 months of 2020. Revenue reached 56,743,000 USD, achieved 89% compared to the target, net profits is 2,997,000 USD achieved 92% of the target.

The sales teams report the expected business results in the first half and forecast production and business situation for the 2rd half of 2020. Sales representative, Ms. Erika Park shares the process of working with European – American customers, Mr. Kevin Lee shares how to penetrate new markets through e-commerce. Production teams report the cost reduction and the productivity improvement projects. At the meeting, R & BD department introduces new environmentally friendly products those are recycled from plastic bottles, sugarcane, corn and old clothes contain polyester ingredients….help minimize the use of natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions into the external environment. Seasonal product lines with outstanding features and convenient products for life. In particular, among the global Covid pandemic, to compensate for the shortage of orders and to give hands in protecting the public health due to the occurrence of the Covid 19 pandemic, Thanh Cong R&BD quickly and actively research and development of antibacterial fabric called ANTI-BAC ZinC. The product is combined from fiber with ZnO molecule with natural antibacterial and UV resistance. ANTI-BAC ZinC product can be antibacterial up to 99.99% after 20 times of washing. The production of masks, antibacterial fabrics and medical protective clothes has contributed significantly to increasing sales and profits in May as well as in Q2/2020.

Following the ceremony, Mr. Song Jae Ung – Deputy General Director shares the role and lessons from transformation in business production. Mr. Lee Eun Hong – General Director of the Company reiterates goals and strategies to achieve production and business goals in 2020 and in the coming time, in which emphasizing R & D and reducing costs strategies at the same time, sharing the content of the letter from the Chairman of a royal customer sent to the Company leaders which contained the message “In the crisis period, history has left that average companies can bankrupt, good companies can survive and only great companies can transform”. Through this message, the General Director also wants to remind that we have a few normal working days, and most of them are good working days but today and the next days we have to work multiple many times than previous days so that not only can we survive but also thrive for 7,500 people of Thanh Cong and behind that 7,500 families. Through this, the General Director also thanks for the efforts and hard work of all the Board of Directors and the Company’s employees so that we can overcome this difficult period and promote more in the near future.

On this occasion, the Company also commends and rewards the departments and units for their outstanding contributions in production, business and have new, effective initiatives, which contributed practically to reducing costs, improved labor productivity, contribute to building the company increasingly strong and sustainable development.

The photos of the meeting and awards