Thanh Cong



Date 12/10/2020

1. Highlight financial performance

Performance of the Company on September 2020, the revenue is $ 12,733,571, net profit is $ 1,125,608 higher than 74% compared with the same last September 2019. Until September 2020, accumulated revenue is $ 114,591,889 achieved 71% the target of 2020 and 98% compared to the same last period. Accumulated net profit is $ 8,176,695 achieved about 102% compared to the target of 2020 and 109% compared to the same last period.

2. Other activities

1. Thanh Cong Textile Garment Investment Trading JSC is honored to receive the award “Typical Enterprise for Employees” year 2019-2020 granted by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and received “The Certificate of Merit” awarded by Chairman of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and Chairman of Central Council of Vietnam Business Associations. At Thanh Cong Company, the human factors and human resources are always the top priority and attached to the Company sustainable development strategy. Therefore, the policies of taking care of life, encouraging and motivating employees are always cared and developed by the Company to recognize the efforts and contributions of the Company employees. In the context Covid-19 pandemic has been happening complicatedly and has seriously affected the production and business activities of enterprises, Thanh Cong is one of a few textile and garment enterprises in Vietnam keeps jobs, welfare and stable income for workers so that no one is left behind.

The award “Typical Enterprise for employees” aims to motivate and encourage businesses to take care of the employees lives, ensure an effective working environment, help promote the capacity of employees, and build building a clean and strong, friendly working environment, building a cohesive corporate culture like the second home of each employee. These policies will continue to be maintained and continuously improved to contribute to the sustainable development of the Company and the society.

2. Year 2020, a year full of fluctuations and challenges when the world economy faces the risk of a recession and crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but with experience, creativity and bravery of the leading enterprise in the textile and garment industry in Vietnam, Thanh Cong Company is still steadfast in the epicenter, upholding the spirit of overcoming difficulties, creativity, striving to maintain production and business and well implement the social responsibility. Constantly improving competitiveness, integrating into the international economy in production and business, especially is the typical enterprise in overcoming difficulties and recovering business caused by the Covid 19 epidemic. Thanh Cong Textile Company is honored to receive the award “Typical HCMC Enterprise 2020” awarded by the Chairman of the City People Committee and the HCM City Business Association. Mr. Tran Nhu Tung – Deputy General Director representing the company leaders attended the ceremony and receive the awards. This is the consecutive third time Thanh Cong has received this noble title.

With the title “Typical Ho Chi Minh City Enterprise” in 2020 together with the support and trust of customers, the best work and dedication of the leaders and whole employees of the company is the great spiritual driving force so that Thanh Cong can make great efforts and make the company grow stronger, step firmly on the path of integration, creation, innovation and sustainable development.

3. CSR activities

On the 44th anniversary of the company traditional day August 16, Thanh Cong Company has organized many meaningful CSR social responsibility activities. This year, due to the Covid epidemic, the humanitarian blood donation program called Happy Pink Day is held on September 22 & 23, 2020. Every year, the company cooperates with the Red Cross of Ho Chi Minh City to organize the humanitarian blood donation program at the Company, this year the program attracted many employees volunteering to respond and donate 377 blood units. This program is implemented by the Company for the purpose of realizing the Company’s social responsibility to the community and raising awareness of “Volunteering for the community” of employees in the Company, making real contributions to implement the motto: “One drop of blood saves a person” set by the City Red Cross. The voluntary gift of about 400 Thanh Cong employees is derived from the loving hearts that offer a warm gift of humanity. Voluntary blood donation is the happiness of being given love. It is a message conveyed about compassion, humanity, through the image of a rose of love that the Company Trade Union has connected and sent its interest through social activities for the community, for the sake of compassion love, share love with a volunteer heart.