Thanh Cong



Date 10/6/2019

1. Highlight financial performance

Performance of the Mother company on May 2019, the revenue achieved about $ 11,025,000 and net profit achieved about $ 395,000. Performance until May, accumulated revenue is about $ 63,196,000 has achieved 96% compared the target and increased 11% compared with last same period, accumulated net profit achieved is about $ 4,008,000 has achieved 102% compared the target and increased 11% compared with last same period.

2. CSR activity

On May 2019, the Company implemented some CSR activities. Besides gives monthly scholarships to Thanh Cong students, the Company visited, gave presents monthly for three orphans and the poor family of Tay Thanh ward, organized happy mart program to sell necessities to workers. On this month, the Company coordinated with Thanh Cong clinic to check health for Son Ky orphan. On May 25, 2019, the company union trade has organized the charity trip to Khanh Son district of Khanh Hoa province to visit and give 100 gifts are necessities to Raglay ethnic people of the district also donated 10 bicycles, 40 scholarships to poor students, gave some living tools to the boarding school of the district with a total value is 62 million VND. Besides, the company also donated 600 Thanh Cong shirts to poor people and boarding students of Khanh Son district.

3. Other activity

After 1 year of factory construction, renovation and investment in machinery and equipment, on 24 May 2019, Thanh Cong Textile and Garment Investment and Trading JSC organized the inauguration and put into use the weaving factory No. 2. with an area of 3,648 m2 at the company head office – 36 Tay Thanh, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City. The company has invested 20 new Japanese air-jet looms with a capacity of 2,400,000 fabric meters/year, 1 sizing machine and 1 warping machine with a capacity of 9,000,000 fabric meters/year and 3 compressors. Total investment capital of the factory is about USD 2,600,000. The investment to expand production, improve business efficiency, hopefully the company will bring good business results, bring benefits to customers, shareholders and investors. Many customers and partners have attended the opening ceremony and visit the factory.

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