Thanh Cong



Date 14/4/2020

  1. Highlight financial performance

Performance of the Company on March 2020, the revenue is about $ 11,930,752 achieved 79% compared the target, net profit is about $ 576,220 achieved 68% compared the target. Performance on Q1/2020, accumulated revenue is about $ 33,228,822, accumulated net profit is about $ 1,396,344. The business Q1/2020 is not achieved the target and lower than the same last period because a part is affected by Covid 19 epidemic diseases. Moreover, on Q1/2019, there are other income about $ 1 million come from Thanh Quang subsidiary.

The company has also proactively applied the instructions of the agencies of Covid-19 anti-epidemic such as measuring temperature body of all employees, declaring health, installing partitions in the canteen … so that the risk index of Covid-19 virus infection in TCM is 28% – a low risk according to the set of indicators issued by Ho Chi Minh City for businesses with a large number of employees.