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We are likely to say that clothing is the first line of defense against outside environment and dress up a long time ago.  A visual development of material technology that protects your skin and stays in healthy, called SMARTWOOD



“Protective +” ingredients

SMARTWOOD is made from sustainable raw materials – wood, which includes the essential trace element zinc. Sustainable wood is coming from certi­fied and controlled source. Particularly, using pharmaceutical grade 4 zinc oxide has perhaps a greater impact on our well-being than any other trace element.

“Two into one” Process

SMARTWOOD is produced using the lyocell process – an innovative and eco-friendly production method. Special high graded zinc is melted and oxidised which becomes a white powder of pure zinc oxide that is incorporated into a cellulose fiber. As a result, the zinc ingredient is permanently preserved within the fiber, even after multiple washing cycles.

Special care for healthy life

SMARTWOOD fabric a perfect choice for caring yourself with good wicking abilities. Zinc oxide also acts as a shield against harmful UVA and UVB (up to 50 SPF). Plus, it is friendly to skin due to zinc oxide’s soothing and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Further to this, zinc oxide possesses strong antibacterial propertes, especially against odour causing bacteria, which helps to make garments stay fresh longer.


Save Energy

Eco friendly


T-shirt, Polo, Hoodie, Jackect, etc.,



Viscose, Rayon

Yarn Type


Yarn Count

30/1, etc.,


Single Jersey, Fleece, Interlock, etc.,


Light Green, White, etc.,