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Every year, the mass of old garment are thrown out to landfill. Especially, polyester – the synthetic material may take more than 100 years to decompose fully, which gradually takes negative affect into natural environment. Utilizing material from old fabric or garment is beneficial solution. That why’s we were research and developed to Recycle Garment product with name: RE-NEW POLYESTER



Continuous “garment-to-garment” system that provides a solution to sustainable supply chain, in which everybody can contribute to their value. It is a different process compared with “plastic-bottle-to-polyester” recycling, requiring technological innovation.

“Garment-to-garment” process

In Thanh Cong, we directly join this chain and post-consumer recycled polyester is one of items in recycled concept from textile and garment products. By a unique technology in its recycling process, RE-NEW POLYSTER has a dye-ability compatible with virgin polyester. It could be dyed to the required colors without constraints.

Besides, Pre-consumer recycled polyester are certified to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and become member of Textile Exchange


Save Energy

Eco friendly


T-shirt, Polo, Hoodie, Jackect, etc.,



Polyester, TC, CVC

Yarn Type


Yarn Count

30/1, 40/1, etc.,


Single Jersey, Fleece, Interlock, etc.,


Green, Light Blue, White, etc.,