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This is a special yarn was developed by R&BD. PAPER FIT marks a breakthrough in the transition from knitted fabric to woven fabric.



Firstly, in the textile ector, woven fabrics are known for their durable surface, not curled or slipped, especially suited for vests, or shirts that need folds and help to shape the shirt that no knitted fabric has ever done before.

However, R&BD has launched the PAPER FIT product line – a knitted product but bearing in advantages of woven fabric, supporting the design of various types of clothes from simple to complex, anti-bias and help to keep shape the shirt according to the custom hardness of the designer.

Secondly, on winter-autumn days, when cold air flows are present, we tend to use woven fabric products more often than knitted fabrics, because woven fabrics have weft and warp knitting structures interleaved to create a tight cloth surface, preventing the penetration of cold air from the outside, making the wearer feel warmer. Knitted fabric for the ring system, creating holes, cold air easily passes through, making the wearer uncomfortable. Therefore, to overcome this drawback, the PAPER FIT product line has used a special mechanism to help create a layer covering all the yarns on knitted fabric. Therefore, the wearer can confidently wear PAPER FIT costumes despite the cold weather outside.

Besides, for areas with drizzle and snow, the PAPER FIT item also supports the water-resistant function, which helps the wearer to feel dry and comfortable during wet days.



Hard touch

Water repellent


Uniform, T-shirt, Polo-shirt, etc.,




Polyester, TC, CVC

Yarn Type


Yarn Count

20/1, 30/1, 40/1


Single Jersey, Fleece, Double Face, etc.,


Brown, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Grey, etc.,