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This is a new yarn was developed by R&BD, which has a melange effect but applies normal dyeing process



Firstly, in the textile vector, woven fabrics are known for their durable surface, not curled or slipped, especially suited for vests, or shirts that need folds and help to shape the shirt that no knitted fabric has ever done before.

For the current textile industry, to create fabric that have a melange effect, the fabric must be dyed from the fiber stage, because of a very small molecule that makes it difficult to control the color. When the color shade fabric is different than customer requirement, the process must be restart. This will be a waste of time, costly. That’s why the cost of melange to be high.

For MELANISM, we completely overcome the above disadvantages. By using a special yarn MELANISM combined with fabric dyeing process, the melange  effect is quickly created, without the fiber dyeing process. From now on, we can save time, saving cost and giving effect outstanding results.

In addition, MELANISM also applies to striped fabrics, replace for yarn dyed, reducing product costs. With a variety of colors, MELANISM will be the perfect choice in saving time and cost, as well as bringing tremendous economic efficiency.


Save time

Cost saving

Perfect melange effect

Unlimited color


Uniform, T-shirt, Polo-shirt, etc.,



Polyester, TC, CVC

Yarn Type

Ring, MVS

Yarn Count

20/1, 30/1, 40/1


Single Jersey, Fleece, Double Face, etc.,


Anycolor: Brown, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Grey, etc.,