Thanh Cong

Products R&BD


The increasing demand for apparel forces smarter manufactured fabrics. Thanh Cong has researched and developed special feature fabrics for more intensive use. Comman fabrics are now added with anti-bacterial, anti-UV, anti-fire….Funtional Fabric product line is full of essential features.


ANTI ODOR  : Product with the deodorizing feature. Active comfortable is your job, protecting you from body odor intrusion is our  job.


ANTI-BACTERIA : The product protects you against bacterial attack


ANTI BUG (BUG SHIELD) : The product uses daisy essential oil to prevent insect access.


UV CUT : The product protects your skin from ultraviolet rays


HIGH DURABILITY FLAME RETARDANT : This is a fabric product that has the ability to inhibit fire


ANTI PILLING :The product has anti-pilling and anti-hairiness


WATER REPELLENT : The product has a high water-resistance


QUICK-DRY : Perfect fabric for moving or running with features