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When you practice sports under high intensity or exercise, one of the most important factors is the fabric material. Choosing the right fabric material will help you be free to move, bring comfort and improve exercise efficiency.

Besides, choosing the right fabric material not only helps your body airy but also brings a healthy appearance, full of confidence.

DRY-SPORT product line of Thanh Cong completely meets that demand. If you are looking for sportswear, our DRY-SPORT will bring you satisfaction.

This is yarn technology designed by ThanhCong to keep you warm when you need it most



DRY SPORT uses special materials only available in Thanh Cong with advantages such as:

Quick drying: DRY SPORT uses the spun yarn, which helps to limit the accumulation of water so that the fabric will be drier.

UV Cut: DRY-SPORT helps remove infrared rays from the sun to help protect the skin

Material technology: DRY SPORT uses high-tech materials without chemicals, skin-friendly. Due to DRY SPORT’s unique cross-section feature, it offers a bigger skin contact area to absorb skin’s heat than regular yarn.


UV Cut



T-shirt, Hoodie, etc.,

Test result

The data table below compares Dryness level after 10 times of washing of DRY SPORT fabric and normal fabric by KAKEN (Japan), DRY SPORT standards (100%) with a dry time of 4.3% / minute, while fabric usually only reaches 3.7% / minute



Polyester, TC, CVC

Yarn Type

Ring, MVS

Yarn Count

30/1, 40/1


Single Jersey, Fleece, Interlock, etc.,


Blue, White, Grey, Yellow, etc.,