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This is special fabric was developed at Thanh Cong which the goal clothing is no longer a preoccupation when we go on business.



When you have long business trips, you have to bring a lot of shirts, so your luggage is very cumbersome. Besides, you have to spend money as well as time to do the laundry, but if you own a shirt line of BUSINESS SHIRT, you can just prepare 1 shirt for the whole of your business trip. Because BUSINESS SHIRT only takes a few hours to dry after washing and hardly leaves any wrinkles on the surface.

Do you know why this product is superior?

On the surface, structure of BUSINESS SHIRT is similar to woven fabric but it is knitted fabric. Therefore, this product carries full features of knitted fabric: fast absorbency, quick drying, anti-wrinkle, freedom of movement to bring comfort to the wearer.

In addition, Business Shirt does not use the yarn dyed which uses the mechanism of the previous product line, that is MELANISM to create the color for fabric through the dyeing process. The color stripe effect is quickly created, without the need for a fiber dyeing process, without long time, to save costs and to provide outstanding performance.

With a variety of colors, BUSINESS SHIRT will be the perfect choice for long business trips or simply wish to bring comfort and confidence to wearers.


Woven fabric

Wrinkle free


QR dyeing: 1 days


Shirt, Polo-shirt, etc.,





Yarn Type


Yarn Count

75D, 150D


Single Jersey, Double Face, etc.,


Stripe, Yellow, Blue, Navy, etc.,