Thanh Cong



1. Highlight financial performance

Performance of the company in October 2015, the revenue achieved about $ 7.905 million and operating profit margin achieved about 5%.

2. CSR activity

On October 2015, the company implemented many CSR activities such as gives monthly scholarships to Thanh Cong’s students, serves loving meals for 120 the poor and co-ordinates with Thanh Cong clinic health checking and gave medicines free of charges for more than 60 the poor of Binh Hung Hoa ward. Beside that, the company also donates monthly milks and necessities for Son Ky, organizes the friendly soccer match between Son Ky and Korean children to exchange and study. As regular activities, the company visits and donates to Thien An and Huynh De Nhu Nghia orphans and the poor family of Tay Thanh ward. In addition, on 9th October, the company coordinates with Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross Association and Thanh Cong clinic to check health and give medicines to 200 people, give 143 the family medicine boxes and gifs to the forest keeper families of Can Gio District, Ho Chi Minh City with total amount about VND 250,000,000.

3. Others

On October, the company was honorable to be one of top 100 companies to receive typical Ho Chi Minh enterprise award given by Ho Chi Minh City People Committee.