Thanh Cong



1. Highlight financial performance

Performance of the company in April 2015 achieved impressive result. The revenue achieved about $ 11,714 million about 110% and net income achieved about 152% compared with the target.

2. Investment activity

The company has been completing the new factory construction at Hoa Phu IP, Vinh Long province. Currently, the company is on progress to install machines, equipments and train personnel to prepare for starting operation on June of 2015.

3. CSR activity

On April 2015, the company implemented many CSR activities such as gives monthly scholarships to students. Beside that, the company served loving meals for 120 the poor and co-ordinates with Thanh Cong clinic health checking and gave medicines free of charges for more than 60 the poor of Binh Hung Hoa ward and more than 30 unlucky children at Huynh De Nhu Nghia, Binh Tan District. Beside that, the company also donated monthly milks and necessities for Son Ky & Thien An and Huynh De Nhu Nghia orphans and the poor family of Tay Thanh ward. On this month, the company is honorable to get the CSR award issued by Korea Dail Organization.

4. Others

On 23rd April, the company welcomed 20 delegates of Japanese Teijin Group visited the factories and have the meeting with Thanh Cong. This is the second time, Teijin visited Thanh Cong to learn the company’s business operation and management.

On 24th April, the company organized the project feedback meeting to review Q1 performance and give target for next quarters of year 2015.