Thanh Cong

Equipment & Production Capacity

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    Main products: TC , CVC , CD , PE yarns.


    – Annual capacity: 10.000 tons/year,75 000 piles, 320 VORTEX piles.

    1. Spinning Factory No 1

    – Annual production capacity is approximate 2,500tons / year

    2. Spinning Factory No

     – Annual production capacity is approximate 7,500tons / year

    Equipment from Japan, EU, China


    Variety of plain, twill, stripe, check fabrics, from poly filaments, poly blended, micro fibers, spun yarns, dyed-yarns, suitable for shirts, trousers, dresses, jackets, etc.


    -Annual production capacity is 15 million meter/year


    -Auto Conner : China, Japan

    -Auto Conner : Japan, Taiwan, Korea.

    -Twister : USA, Japan, Korea.

    -Sizing machine : Japan, Italia.

    -Warping machine : Switzerland, USA, Korea, Italia

    – Weaving machine

      + Rapier loom : Korea.

      + Water-jet loom : Italia, Japan

      + Air-jet loom : Italia, Japan


    Fabric, rib, collar and cuf (Several kinds of single jersey, pique, interlock, rib, fleece, plain and stripe fabrics of 100% cotton, Poly/cotton, polyester, CVC, rayon, etc. knitted on circular knitting machines 18G, 20G, 24G, 28G).


    -Annual production capacity is 15,000 tons/year.


    -Single Jersey: Japan, Taiwan, Korea

    -Interlock: Japan, Korea

    -French Terry: Japan, Korea

    -Jacquard : Japan, Taiwan, Korea

    -Circular-knitting machine : German, Italia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan.

    -Flat-knitting machine : Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Switzerland.


    Weaving fabric, knitting fabric.


    -Annual production capacity is 12 million meters of weaving fabric, 9.600 tons of knitting fabric


    -Jet-dyeing machine : German, Japan, Taiwan, Korea.

    -Scouring machine : USA, Taiwan, Vietnam.

    -Open-edge machine: Japan, Taiwan.

    -Drying machine : Japan, Taiwan.

    -Finishing machine : German, Taiwan.

    -Inspection machine : Taiwan, Vietnam.


    Polo shirts, T-shirts, Sweet shirts, Pajamas, Blouses, Dresses, Jogging suits, Sport wears, Uniforms

    Capacity: Annual production capacity is approximate 30 million pieces.


    -Sewing machine : Japan, German

    -Over lock machine : Japan

    -Heater less steam iron system : Japan

    -Fusing machine : Japan

    -Auto cutting machine : USA, Japan, Taiwan

    -Embroidery machine : Japan.