Thanh Cong



1. Highlight financial performance

Performance on March achieved very impressive result. The revenue achieved about $ 11,800,000 and its accumulated revenue achieved 103%; net income achieved about $1,105,000, accumulated profit achieved 157% compared to the target.

2. Investment activity

On March, the Company signed the land leasing contract and expected to build Thanh Cong Limited Company at Vinh Long province and come to operation within year of 2014.

On this month, the company has invested to buy new knitting machines and will come to operation on April 12. In addition, the company also invested in new sewing machines to improve quality and in accordance with new items according to demand of customers.

3. GSM activity

On 29th March, the company organized successfully GSM 2014 with attendance of 138 shareholders representative for 67.01% total shares. Most of agenda of GSM were approved with high consent rate of about 97.5% shareholders.

4. PR/IR activity

On 28th March, 40 delegations of the IPADE University (Mexico) visited and researched of the company’s operation in applying innovation management technology, excellent CSR activities. On this occasion, the delegations also want to learn more of chances and challenges of the company in preparation and integration of TPP.

On March, there are many foreign & domestic investors who interested in TCM stock and visited to research of the company’s operation. Magazines and media also interested in and public information of performance of Thanh Cong.

5. CSR activity

On March and early of April, the company has implemented many CSR activities. As usual, every month, the company gives the monthly scholarship to the weaving worker’s daughter, coordinates with Dail Community to organize “Loving meal” program for more than 120 poor people at Binh Hung Hoa ward, Binh Tan district. Beside that, the company also co-ordinated with Thanh Cong Clinic to organize health treatment and checking free of charges for Thanh Cong’s neighbors such as the poor of Binh Hung Hoa and 50 children of Son Ky orphanage – District 12. In addition, the company also visits and gives gifts, necessities and cashes for Thien An and Son Ky orphanages and the difficult family at Tay Thanh ward.

On 7th April, the company also completed building and organized to give “Happy House” valued VND 71,400,000 for Mr. Dinh Van Kia, the poor worker of the Spinning 3 factory in Cu Chi district.